Air Condition Office Repairs

Is it time to replace your commercial AC system?

Making a good impression and keeping your customers comfortable is essential to your business. Taking measures to make sure your office AC is operating efficiently and reliably at all times is necessary.

But when should you replace your office AC?

• If breakdowns are happening more often that consistent cooling of your business
• If the repair cost is more than 50% the cost of a new unit.
• If the AC constantly cycles on and off: This can either mean the condenser, evaporator unit, or fan needs to be cleaned.
• High energy bills: As equipment ages it becomes less efficient to operate, which means it costs more money to run.
• Weird noises: If you hear hissing, banging or other unusual sounds during start-up or operation it could mean a bad blower motor or bent fan blade.

Call an AC expert to inspect the system and help you determine if replacing your existing commercial AC equipment is in order.

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